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How to Become CrossCore® Instructor Certified

CrossCore® provides two easy and direct pathways to becoming CrossCore Instructor certified. To speak with our CrossCore Education Team, please call 1.800.847.7746 or contact us by email. If you are a facility interested in hosting a training please fill out our Training Request Form.

CrossCore® Foundations

Enhance your training and instructor skills with the cutting-edge programming and design of CrossCore®. This course provides an introduction to Rotational Bodyweight Training™ and includes an explanation of the planes of motion, the importance of neuromuscular control and the difference between open and closed kinetic chain movements. This course provides the most direct pathway to become CrossCore RBT™ certified.

  • 7-hour live hands–on training course offering ACE, NASM and NSCA CECs
  • Available in private, semi-private, reserved or open formats
  • Understand and demonstrate safe, correct setup and use of the CrossCore system
  • Learn exercise progressions for all levels
  • Learn uses of CrossCore as a fully functional pulley system for external weight resistance exercise
  • Features a 50 question online assessment exam

Upcoming Trainings

Surf City, NJ
Saturday May 13, 11AM-6PM EDT
Facility: Pyour Core | 604 Long Beach Blvd
Cost: $259

To register, please call or email:


CrossCore® Bridge

For those already certified in suspension-oriented training certifications with other organizations, the CrossCore Bridge course offers a direct pathway to CrossCore instructor certification. This 4-hour course is shortened from our full day course, yet covers the essentials needed to become certified.

Available in live and online formats:
  • Live – participant led group class at end of training course
  • Online – 50 question assessment
  • Designed for commercial settings and fitness professionals
  • Covers RBT™ and product specifics
  • Accepted suspension-oriented training certifications: TRX, Red Cord, Primal 7

Note: Those already certified in suspended bodyweight training must provide proof of certification within the past two years.

Upcoming Live Trainings

Ridgewood, NY
Saturday May 20, 10AM-2PM EDT
Facility: Crossfit Bridge & Tunnel, 1645 Decatur St.
Cost: $169

To register, please call or email:

Online Training

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enhance your client experience

Enhance your training and instructor skills with the cutting-edge programming and design of CrossCore®.

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Be a leader in fitness! CrossCore® Partners are facilities that want to receive added benefits from their relationship with CrossCore and Mad Dogg Athletics, Inc. CrossCore Partners can generate new opportunities by hosting CrossCore Foundations and Bridge Courses for their members and clients. CrossCore provides partners with programming versatility and ensures that clients will experience the improved function and performance of the CrossCore and see the results.

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