Facility FAQ

Facility FAQ

Our customer service team will be enjoying the Memorial Day holiday, and will not be available on Monday, May 28th, 2018.  We will respond to all enquiries as soon as possible.

How can my facility become a CrossCore® Partner Facility?

Facilities must have CrossCore® systems, utilize certified CrossCore Instructors and sign our no-cost facility agreement to be designated a CrossCore® Partner Facility.

What is the fee to become a CrossCore Partner Facility?

There are no licensing fees associated with becoming a CrossCore Partner Facility, however, facilities do need to have CrossCore product.

What are the typical demographics of CrossCore class participants?

CrossCore appeals to all ages and fitness levels. Because of CrossCore’s patented locking and unlocking pulley system, each user can safely challenge themselves to their own fitness level. By using your own bodyweight and angles you choose for yourself, you can steadily and safely push yourself within your own limits. CrossCore’s ability to remove its handles allows you to create versatility in your workouts by adding other functional tools like Kettlebells, sandbags, bars, and stretch bands. And combine any or all of this with cardio intervals like Spinning® and you will know a great workout when done!

How can CrossCore® programs help generate profit?

The newness and availability of CrossCore® classes shows a commitment to excellence in group and small group exercise programming and is a strong selling point for potential members. Cutting edge programs like CrossCore® RBT™ are also drivers for member retention and word of mouth referrals. Some CrossCore® locations choose to charge on a per-class or supplemental membership fee, which can pay for the entire program in very short period of time. Additionally, clubs can boost profits by participating in our CrossCore Partner Facility program by receiving discounts on future product purchases.

What kind of room or space is needed to conduct CrossCore classes?

CrossCore can be used in almost any space (indoors or outdoors) where you can safely and securely attach the CrossCore unit. Each CrossCore user requires a 4 ft. (1.21 m) wide x 8 ft. (2.43 m) long space.

Is it necessary to offer different levels of CrossCore® classes?

CrossCore® is individually paced, non-competitive, individual and group training designed for all ages and fitness levels. By using CrossCore’s patented locking and unlocking pulley system, each user’s own bodyweight, at each user’s own selected body angles, they set the challenge for themselves. Instructors are taught how to coach new students and help them achieve a fun, safe, and rewarding workout. Different clubs have different demographics throughout each day, so your club can customize workouts to the demos, and can classes with a mixture of participant types. Bodyweight and body angles along with the ability to control pulley movement yields results for everyone.

I have high ceiling heights in my studio, can CrossCore work for me?

Each CrossCore comes with a standard Anchor Strap. This strap is best used for anchor points between 7 ft. (2.13 m) to 11 ft. (3.35 m) high. An additional Anchor Strap(s) may be connected to the initial Anchor Strap to allow for use with higher ceiling.

I don’t want to clutter my gym or club with large racks, what mounting solutions could work for me?

CrossCore Ceiling and Wall Mount and CrossCore Wall Racks and Extender Kits are two of our most popular and safe options for mounting your CrossCore and functional training needs.

We want to hang our CrossCore’s and leave them in place, but we fear that people may try to take them out of the club. Do you offer a solution for this?

The CrossCore + Pro is a simple solve to allow for many different types of hanging and removal needs. Our Club Straps have custom designed locking and unlocking carabiners to act as anti-theft tools. The Club Straps also make it simple and quick to remove your CrossCore’s after one class and to change out your multi-use studio for the next type of class.

As a Personal Trainer or a private user does CrossCore work at home or while I travel?

CrossCore is great for your home or for travel. The CrossCore + Home is a complete system plus a Door Strap and Door Pad. This attaches to just about any solid door. It should not be used on glass or hollow doors. The whole package weighs about 4 lbs. (1.8 kg) and easily fits in your backpack, gym bag or travel bag. Our standard Anchor Strap that comes with the system, our Home Kit, and our Pro Kit offer a range of solutions for how and where you can use CrossCore, and this is just about anywhere.

How do I sign up to be trained as a CrossCore Certified Instructor?

CrossCore offers two direct pathways to become a CrossCore Certified Instructor. These include our 7-hour live CrossCore Foundations course, and our live or online 4-hour CrossCore Bridge course. Both will teach you all you need to know to get started as a CrossCore Instructor, and our Bridge course is tailored in time and economics for those of have previous suspension-oriented training experience.

How does CrossCore differ from other suspended bodyweight classes?

For those familiar with taking other suspended bodyweight training type classes, they will find more challenging levels of progression due to CrossCore’s unlocking and locking pulley system. The increase in range of motion, core muscle engagement and challenges to balance provide much greater program and training versatility.

Does CrossCore offer military focused programs?

CrossCore is used by a variety of military experts and high level operators that you do not know about. We offer military oriented training programs.

Where may I purchase my CrossCore?

There are multiple ways to purchase your CrossCore. You do so via our website www.crosscore.com, through local dealers in the U.S., or through one of our many International Distributor around the world. This may save you time and money on shipping fees. For a list of U.S.

What type of warranty does CrossCore offer?

Mad Dogg Athletics, Inc. warrants to the initial retail purchaser that the products it sells will be free of defects in workmanship or material for a period of two-years for the pulley unit and for a period of one-year for all straps, rope, buckles, clamps, handles, carabiners and carry bags. Certain restrictions apply.

Who is Mad Dogg Athletics, Inc.?

Founded in 1994, Mad Dogg Athletics, Inc. is the largest equipment based education company worldwide. It is the home of Spinning®, Peak Pilates®, CrossCore®, Ugi®, and Resist-A-Ball®.