Warranty & Disclaimers

CrossCore® Safety Procedures & Instructions


Warranty & Disclaimers

Mad Dogg Athletics, Inc. warrants to the initial retail purchaser that the products it sells will be free of defects in workmanship or material for a period of two-years for the pulley unit and for a period of one-year for all straps, rope, buckles, clamps, handles, carabiners and carry bags.

Inappropriate or improper use of the CROSSCORE product including but not limited to the following acts, shall void the warranty: leaving the CROSSCORE product outdoors for extended periods of time, swing the rope back and forth across the pulley with the Pin Engagement System™ (“PES™”) engaged or locked, causing excessive friction on the anchor strap, pro strap or door strap due to improper setup or use, performing exercises in a way that causes the rope to make contact with the edge of the pulley housing, and any other actions that would not be deemed normal use.

Notice of such defect must be promptly given to the Seller of the product (said Seller must either be Mad Dogg Athletics, Inc., a certified, approved Distributor or Dealer or other group or person authorized by Mad Dogg Athletics, Inc.). Correction shall be either replacement of the product or repair thereof, in the sole discretion of Mad Dogg Athletics, Inc. Correction of the said product shall constitute complete fulfillment of all liabilities of Mad Dogg Athletics, Inc. with respect to the quality of the product(s) purchased.

This warranty shall not cover any damage or condition determined by Mad Dogg Athletics, Inc. to be caused by carelessness, negligence, neglect, misuse and/or unreasonable use, normal wear and tear, or failure to properly maintain the product or unauthorized repairs or any modifications thereof.

Under no circumstances shall Mad Dogg Athletics, Inc. be held responsible for any damages suffered, including but not limited to incidental or consequential damages, medical expenses, temporary or permanent injuries suffered as a result of the use of the product, if said use did not conform to the below-described safety standards and/or if said damages were due to the negligence of the user and/or the result of any repair, adjustments or modifications to the product(s) that were not authorized, in writing, by Mad Dogg Athletics, Inc.

The foregoing warranty and disclaimer is exclusive and in lieu of all other warranties of quality, whether written, oral or implied (including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for the purpose).

Safety Procedures and Instructions

There is risk assumed by individuals who use this type of fitness equipment.

It is your responsibility to take proper care of your CrossCore® System (“CrossCore”). To minimize risk, please strictly adhere to the following CrossCore® Safety Procedures and Instructions.

User assumes the risk of injury and all liability resulting from the use of the CrossCore® Products. For additional safety and warranty information go to www.CrossCore.com .

1. Consult your physician or medical doctor before using this or any type of exercise program or fitness regimen.

2. Inspect the CrossCore and its components daily for excessive wear. This includes the anchor straps, cam buckles, pulley wheel, ropes, handles/foot and arm cradles, carabiners, pro straps, door straps, and accessory attachment straps. Tighten or replace all loose connections or worn components immediately. Failure to do so may result in serious injury.

3. Always attach the CrossCore® to a secure, strong and stable anchor point that is able to support a minimum of 375 pounds (136.1 kilograms per unit). When using the CrossCore on any piece of fitness equipment (or any object not already permanently attached to the ground, wall, ceiling, etc.), make sure that piece is bolted to the floor or similar permanent anchor point so that it cannot tip. Always perform a weight test to determine the strength/ integrity of your chosen anchor point BEFORE using the CrossCore.

4. Perform exercises in a slow, controlled manner at all times. Always begin with little or no body angle with the PES™ engaged so that pulley will not turn. When the PES is engaged, do not saw back and forth so as to cause friction to the rope. Causing friction to the rope will cause premature wear and could result in injury if the rope fails.

5. Wear appropriate fitness/workout clothing suitable for this type of exercise program when using the CrossCore.

6. CrossCore is not a toy nor should it be used as a toy of any sort or kind. Under no circumstances, whatsoever, should children under the age of 13 use or be allowed to use the CrossCore® System without constant and mindful adult supervision. Children that are between the ages of 13 and the age of majority should only be allowed to use the CrossCore after they have been instructed in its proper usage by an adult and who are supervised by an adult as they use the product.

7. Make sure when adjusting the length of the rope, or when clipping the handles into the openings in the top of the pulley housing, that all excess rope is completely out of the way of the user’s head and body at all times during exercising.

8. When attaching the adjustable Anchor strap, make sure to feed end of the strap through the back of the buckle ONLY. This is the side opposite to where the cleat opens. Feeding strap through the front (where the cam buckle opens and is visible) will not allow the cam buckle to lock in place and WILL NOT hold the user’s weight and may cause the pulley to fall from the point of attachment.

9. DO NOT use on or near a wet or slippery surface. Be sure of your footing before you begin exercising. Make sure that you have sufficient room, free of encumbrances, in order to perform all physical maneuvers required for proper use of the product(s).

10. Safeguard the CrossCore from the elements when not in use. Prolonged exposure to sunlight, dampness, inclement or severe weather conditions, extremely cold or hot temperatures and extreme shifts in temperature, can weaken the components of the CrossCore® RBT™.

11. If using a counter weight, make sure the Pulley Housing is secured as close to the anchor point as possible. Six inches is recommended. Also, make sure the user or any bystanders are a minimum of six feet away from the resting point of the counter weight at all times while CrossCore is in use. Always exercise in a slow and controlled manner with or without a counter weight. When finished, remove counter weight from CrossCore.

12. When not in use, it is recommended that the CrossCore is:

a. Removed from its anchor point and stored in the carry bag away from water or moisture.

b. Remaining in hanging position, then the adjustable handles/foot and arm cradles are closed so the handles are flush with the straps and there is no loop in them. Clip the carabiners to carabiner openings in the pulley housing. This will help keep handles away from young children and help prevent a choking hazard. Additionally, it will keep the handles out of reach of dogs who have shown a liking to chew handles on occasion.

13. CrossCore® Ceiling and Wall Mount Installation:


a. For CrossCore installation, we recommend mounting only to a load bearing wall or ceiling beams able to bear a weight load of at least 300 lbs. (136.1 kilos) per CC unit. If more than one CrossCore ceiling and wall mount will be attached to a single beam for multiple users, CrossCore STRONGLY RECOMMENDS using a licensed contractor for installation that will confirm that the combined user weight will not compromise the structural integrity of the beam or attachment points at any time.

b. Each time that you use the product, inspect the CrossCore ceiling and wall mount and the operable parts of the product in order to insure that the product is safe for its intended usage. Never use CrossCore on a loose or improperly installed CrossCore® ceiling and wall mount.

c. Installed CrossCore® wall/ceiling anchor mount should be secured completely flush to wall/ceiling with no movement. Carefully perform a weight test prior to using installed CrossCore® wall/ceiling anchor mount.

d. Use a stud finder at several points along stud to be certain of its center.

e. Wood lag bolts are NOT meant for installation into concrete or steel. If attaching to wood studs and using wood lag bolts, maximum weight load for all persons using the CrossCore® ceiling and wall mount must not exceed 300 lbs. (136.1 kilos) per anchor mount.

14. CrossCore® Home Kit, Door Strap, and Door Pad Use and Installation:

Warning! Do not use the door strap and door anchor on sliding doors, glass doors, lightweight closet doors, double doors or doors that have a large gap of a 3 inches or more between door and frame. Make sure that the door cannot be opened without completely turning the door handle. Door strap and door Anchor can ONLY be used on a strong and solidly constructed door that can support the users total body weight. Make sure not to slam or drop pulley or handles/foot and arm cradles against the door after performing each exercise as this can damage the door.

Perform weight test by pulling the strap to make sure door is securely closed and that door strap and door anchor are secure prior to performing any exercise.

a. Attach the door anchor so that the door opens AWAY from you. This is the most secure setup as your body-weight will pull the door closed (RECOMMENDED).

i. Hang door anchor and strap on side of door closest to hinges. Close door securely making sure the door handle lock engages.

ii. Take the closed loop end of the door strap and insert it through the back of the door pad.

iii. Continue feeding it through one side of the top of the pulley housing. Then insert one “E-clip” into the loop, and then the other “E-clip” into the loop. Make sure that both sides of the respective E-clips are inserted in the loop facing each other. This procedure will create a closed loop or encompassing enclosure of the loop/strap by the two E-rings.

b. Place the door anchor which is attached to the door strap over the top of a door on side of door closest to hinges. Door chosen must be secure enough to easily hold users weight.

i. Close door and pull on strap to make sure the door anchor is secure and will support your bodyweight.

ii. Make sure to perform this safety test to ensure door strap and door anchor are fully secured in-place before using the CrossCore. Failure to do so could result in injury.

c. In addition to the use of the door pad provided as part of the Home kit, when releasing the handles/foot and arm cradles, walk towards the door and gently place the handles down towards the ground to further protect the door from scuffs and marks. Do not let the handles/foot and arm cradles or pulley swing freely towards the door as this may cause damage to the surface of the door.

d. Attaching the door strap and door anchor with door opening TOWARD you

i. Place door strap and door anchor over the top of the door and then slide the door strap and door anchor all the way above the upper door hinge (this is the most secure and stable point of the door and will not put force on the door and will help to prevent door from accidentally opening.

ii. Close door securely making sure the door handle lock engages.

iii. Perform weight test by pulling the door strap to make sure door is securely closed and that anchor is secure prior to performing any exercise.

15. CrossCore® Pro Kit, Pro Strap, and Independent D-ring Use and Installation:
There are several different configurations that can be used with the Pro kit to secure your CrossCore to different anchor points. Each will depend on the needs of the various club, gym, studio, home, or outdoor use desired. Recommended installation procedures for three setup procedures are below:

a. Attaching the pro strap to the anchor strap:

i. Slide the independent D-ring onto the anchor strap. Slide the anchor strap so that the cam buckle is out of reach of users with the independent D-ring resting at the lowest point on the anchor strap.

ii. When attaching the adjustable anchor strap to a safe anchor point that can easily support the user’s weight, make sure to feed the end of the strap through the BACK of the buckle ONLY.

iii. Perform a weight test BEFORE the first exercise is performed. Feeding the strap through the front of the buckle is incorrect and WILL NOT support the user’s weight which could result in injury.

iv. Slide the D-ring end of one of the pro straps through the pulley housing. Clip the D-ring onto the carabiner.

v. Clip the carabiner onto the independent D-ring.

vi. If desired, lock the carabiners in place using the Allen key.

vii. Perform a weight test by pulling the pro strap to make sure the pulley is safely secured in place prior to performing any exercise.

b. Attaching the club strap over a bar:

i. Loop one pro strap over the bar and connect the D-ring into the carabiner.

ii. Slide the D-ring end of the other pro strap through the pulley housing. Clip the D-ring onto the carabiner.

iii. Clip the carabiners together.

iv. If desired, lock the carabiners in place using the Allen key.

v. Perform a weight test by pulling the pro strap to make sure the pulley is safely secured in place prior to performing any exercise.

c. Attaching the Club Strap to the CrossCore® Ceiling and Wall Mount:

i. Slide the D-ring end of the other pro strap through the pulley housing.

ii. Clip the D-ring onto the carabiner.

iii. Clip the carabiner to the ceiling and wall mount.

iv. If desired, lock the carabiners in place using the Allen key.